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It is a lot of work to start a factory from the ground up, especially if you are making a product that is not common in Australia. Luckily these days there is a lot more support online and it can be really useful for entrepreneurs to talk to other people who have started manufacturing in Australia rather than going overseas. This blog has a range of handy resources for people who are looking to manufacture a new product in Australia, including links to industry groups, government associations and technical resources that can help to maximise your chances of starting a successful manufacturing operation.

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Why Stainless Steel Handrails Work Best for Clients with Disability

You must have visited an office in a multi-story building where there was no facility for people on wheelchairs to get up with ease. In critical terms, the situation represents some form of discrimination. As such, during the design phase of new office premises on elevated land, it is prudent to incorporate a stairway and ramp. The ramp will aid physically challenged clients on wheelchairs and crutches. Besides, handrails are a critical feature to facilitate movement for people with disabilities. If you are planning to install handrails, this article highlights reasons why stainless steel handrails are a viable consideration.

Strength -- People with a disability use a lot of strength when pushing their wheelchairs up on ramps. With handrails to hold on to, the movement is made much easier for this category of persons. Most importantly, stainless steel handrails are fabricated to withstand extreme forces. Therefore, you can be sure that stainless steel handrails will handle all manner of forces placed on them and will not bend, warp or disintegrate over time with continued use. 

Versatility -- With stainless steel handrails, you can choose from an array of designs, unlike other materials. Since you will need handrails in washrooms too, it is important to consider a variety of design options. Different models allow you to choosehandrails that are ergonomically friendly to persons with disabilities. For instance, people with a disability grab washroom handrails differently from how they would ramp handrails. Round bars are suited for wheelchair ramps, whereas square handrails are best for the washrooms.

Easy Maintenance -- The fact that you are installing features that will assist people with disability to reach your new offices means that you should expect high human traffic on the stairway. Since many individuals will be using the handrails, you need them to be fabricated from a material that is easy to maintain. Stainless steel handrails are easy to maintain. Further, due to its natural shine, all you need to do is wipe the dirt away using a cloth that is dampened in a light solvent.

On-site Fabrication -- Unlike handrails made from other materials such as wood, stainless steel ones can be fabricated on site. The advantage of on-site fabrication is that you can use a person on a wheelchair to estimate the perfect height for both the ramp and washroom handrails. Once you have the measurements, a contractor can bend and weld the bars on site with more precision.