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It is a lot of work to start a factory from the ground up, especially if you are making a product that is not common in Australia. Luckily these days there is a lot more support online and it can be really useful for entrepreneurs to talk to other people who have started manufacturing in Australia rather than going overseas. This blog has a range of handy resources for people who are looking to manufacture a new product in Australia, including links to industry groups, government associations and technical resources that can help to maximise your chances of starting a successful manufacturing operation.

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25 April 2018

There are lots of things that you can use steel to


How computers are making stainless steel fabrication more cost effective

There are lots of things that you can use steel to create. Stainless steel is so versatile that it has become widely used everywhere from the medical profession to the motor industry and almost every sector in between. Whatever industry your business focuses on, there will be plenty of ways you can use stainless steel. Deciding to use steel is the easy part, but how will you take that sheet of metal and shape it into your final product?

Stainless steel fabrication

If you have never studied the subject, you might be surprised at how much is involved in transforming a sheet of metal into a finished product. The metal must be cut before being bent into the right shape and then finally assembled into the product. In the past, working with steel was a time-consuming, labour-intensive procedure, but today stainless steel fabrication has become much simpler with the advent of computer-controlled laser cutting machines that can produce complex shapes much more rapidly and accurately than a skilled technician.

Advantages of laser cutting

The use of laser cutting equipment has brought with it many advantages for stainless steel fabrication. No longer is there any need to purchase particular saws or other implements to cut your steel. Using laser cutting has therefore reduced tooling costs considerably and made stainless steel fabrication a real possibility for even the smallest production run.

The other significant advantage of laser cutting is the increase in accuracy that computer control brings. Not only are there far fewer mistakes when computers are controlling the tool, but it is possible to introduce much greater complexity into designs than would be advisable with a human craftsman.

Completing your stainless steel fabrication

Once your steel is the right shape, you will need to complete the assembly. You could decide to use welding or any other method of joining that is appropriate for your product. The final process that the steel needs to undergo before it is shipped is finishing. You could do this yourself, although it usually makes sense to have it completed by the manufacturer so that your product reaches you ready for use. You might want to sandblast the steel, paint it or apply almost any other process that will make it fit for use. If you are uncertain what options are available, then why not discuss the choices with the manufacturer who will be able to explain how they could finish your stainless steel fabrication for you?